søndag, november 29

Ode to a shoe.

Oh Proenza Schouler shoe beauty,

Let me say you are no cutie.
You could be called a mythical creature
For you have no normal feature
But I am in love with you
Im afraid it's so true.
When will you be on my feet?
Well thats got me beat.
Perhaps one day,
When all hope has flown away,
You will be in some dark dusty corner
Placed in shadows like some bench warmer
And you will be there for me,
Like a welcoming cup of tea
And we shall sail the seven seas together
Despite any raging ocean weather
And we shall be freakin happy
No matter how sappy
Cause this is my ode
Served a la mode
To your museum-worthy design.
My gosh, you are oh so fine.

Source: The Stylish Wanderer

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